- Why can't I just spread peanut butter directly on my shower wall instead of using a Bath Buddy?

Tub and shower walls are notorious for harboring bacteria, germs, soap scum and other nasty things. You don't want your dog ingesting this! Even a freshly cleaned tub has harsh chemical residue left behind, and you don't want your pup licking this either.

- I have a BIG dog. Will one Bath Buddy be enough?

We know the struggles of having big dogs! The bigger the dog, the bigger the challenge. Many of our big dog families use 2 Bath Buddy's when bathing their pups. Here's a tip - FREEZING the peanut butter on your Bath Buddy before bath time helps it last longer!

- Will Bath Buddy stick to my custom tile shower?

While Bath Buddy is engineered to stick to most tub and shower walls, it will not stick to highly textured or porous tiles. If you are unsure of your tub or shower tile style, feel free to email us and we will be glad to offer our assistance.

- Is peanut butter safe for my dog to eat?

Yes, peanut butter is completely safe for dogs. However, avoid any foods that contain the sweetener xylitol. Most major brands of peanut butter do not use xylitol in their products, but always check the ingredient list before feeding anything to your dog.

- What if my dog doesn't like peanut butter?

There are many other options if your dog doesn't like peanut butter.  Many of our customers have had success with spray cheese, pureed sweet potatoes or pumpkin and even sun butter (if you are allergic to nuts). If you find something else that works, please let us know!