About Us

Bath Buddy was created by a dog family for dog families.

Who We Are and Our Vision…

When we started this company in 2017, we admit that our motives were a bit selfish. Why, you might ask? Because we were tired of struggling to bathe our dogs Gia and Napoleon. They absolutely hated bath time! Gia would hide in the corner, seemingly scared for her life. Napoleon would have to be forced into the tub, where he stood frozen in fear the entire time we were bathing him. We knew there had to be a better way.

We had heard of people smearing peanut butter on their tub or shower walls, but that didn’t seem sanitary or safe for our beloved pups. (We didn’t want Gia and Napoleon ingesting the germs, bacteria, or harmful cleaner residue that came with this method.) So we sat down at our kitchen counter and began brainstorming ideas.

After many sketches, rough designs and crude prototypes, we had the perfect solution! Bath Buddy – a textured silicone lick pad with a super strong suction cup on the back that would stick to almost any tub or shower surface. We were so pumped that we could just spread peanut butter on the front of Bath Buddy, stick it to the tub wall, then let Gia and Napoleon enjoy peanut butter (their favorite snack) while we gave them a bath! It was like they didn’t even know what was going on…..haha.

Once we had a few successful bath times under our belts, we knew we had to share this with every other dog owner who struggled with bath time. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and positive feedback from our early customers, we put our paws to the ground and made it our mission to make sure every dog enjoys bath time!

So from our family to yours, thank you for being an awesome dog mom or dad!!

- Team Bath Buddy

   Rob, Megan, Gia and Napoleon